How to Make a Quick Easy Buttermilk Substitute Cooking Lessons from the Kitchen

Buttermilk SubstituteCooking and making a meal for the family at home is a happiness for a mother. Fond and skilled in cooking will certainly make you more loved family. They will love you more because of this skill. Make a favorite food packed in lunchtime will make them feel loved and cared for. When you go to a restaurant for a good meal, the satisfaction you get is done when the food on the plate runs out. But this is different when you process your own food. From start shopping materials, concocting seasoning, process it, until the presentation. Cooking is an art, and there is a certain satisfaction when finished serving your own cuisine. In addition to cooking food, you can also make your own ingredients that we often use such as buttermilk with the ingredients in our kitchen.

We are certainly familiar with butter, because maybe we have often used it to complement some of the food we consume daily. But there are still many people who mistakenly distinguish between margarine and butter. Some even assume that both (butter and margarine) are the same.

Do you already know what the difference between these two types of products is? Well, butter or so-called buttermilk is a product that you meet in many markets or supermarkets. There is unsalted butter and salted butter. This butter is made of milk. People use it instead of cooking as oil or to eat with bread. While margarine is usually made by using palm tree oil, especially on the seeds.

Making buttermilk substitute is very easy and we can make it directly at home. How to make a quick easy buttermilk substitute cooking lessons from the kitchen? Here below you will find out more information about the steps of making buttermilk substitute.

  1. Make Buttermilk Substitute from Yoghurt

There are some ingredients in your kitchen that can actually be used instead of buttermilk, one of which is with yoghurt. Making a buttermilk replacement with yoghurt can be done easily and quickly. This method is a quick easy replacement for buttermilk that utilizes the basic flavors that already exist in yoghurt. The steps of making buttermilk substitute from yoghurt are as follows:

  • Mix 180 ml of good quality yoghurt with 60 ml of milk.
  • Stir well evenly and let stand for about 5 minutes.
  • Use the buttermilk substitute as prescribed.
  1. Make Buttermilk Substitute from Sour Cream

How to make it is very simple. Here below are the steps:

  • Combine 3/4 cup of sour cream and 1/4 cup water on a baking sheet.
  • Then stir the two ingredients in order to mix evenly.
  • Wait approximately 5-10 minutes
  1. The Content of Buttermilk

Many people say that butter contains a lot of fat that is not good for the health of the body. But that is not entirely true. Butter when consumed with the appropriate amount can provide nutrients for the body. In addition to the fat content, other butter benefits also contain many nutritious substances, such as:

  • Contains vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K and selenium, which can ward off free radicals and is useful for maintaining heart health.
  • Lecithin compounds, useful to prevent elevated levels of high cholesterol in the blood.
  • Contains minerals, calcium and phosphorus for healthy bones and teeth.
  • Contains iodine which helps the gastrointestinal function.
  • Fatty acids in butter can protect the digestive tract from infection that generally affects children and the elderly.
  • Fat and cholesterol contained in butter is very good for the development and growth of the child’s brain.

Buttermilk sold in stores is often just skim milk given a bacterial or fermented culture, or basically acidified milk. If you have never tasted the original buttermilk, try it! Many people have tried to find a much nicer taste than the buttermilk sold in the store. Now you can be more creative in trying different recipes as well as creating various ingredients to discover something new. Hobbies cooking is very enjoyable because after cooking, you can eat it together with your family or friends. To do so, you do not have to think complicated. Simply do it right away. Channel your hobbies into activities that roughly in time and energy can you run wholeheartedly because you love him. Surely you will get pleasure. If the result is good, you will also get satisfaction and pride. This accumulation will produce happiness. Especially if you have a goal or a high target and measurable. It must be more amazing. Now you know how to make a quick easy buttermilk substitute cooking lessons from the kitchen. You can try another recipe to get more experience on cooking. Good luck!